In the event of an accident,
please complete our enquiry form and then call 0845 293 7923 for assistance.

Accident enquiry form

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One call to All Audi will open up a whole range of services and legal advice that many motorists do not realise is available after a non-fault accident. These services are free to our client’s (subject to conditions) as charges are passed to the at fault drivers insurer.

All Audi have teamed up with several providers to offer their free intermediary services to motorists involved in accidents. These highly recommended services assist our customers in getting back on the road quickly and relieves the stresses of going through the claims process alone. Free advice, legal protection and unrivalled service levels are delivered to our mutual customer’s after an accident to ensure that they are not left immobile or out of pocket.

Many motorists are unaware of their rights and entitlements following an accident and automatically call their insurer, often leading to advice that is not in their best interests. As a consumer, you have the right to choose who recovers your car, repairs it, handles your claim and restores your mobility. The insurers only confirmed role is to provide the funds to facilitate this.

At All Audi, we deal with the motoring aspects of your claim, such as recovery and repairs, whilst instructing recommended providers to carry out the claim handling, legal support and replacement vehicle. This ensures a hassle and cost-free experience for you.


Quality used Audis

At All Audi, we will either purchase your Audi or can broker a deal for you. With over 25 years experience of the Audi Marque and having built up a vast network of other Audi specialist buyers, we feel that we can achieve the right price for your Audi no matter what the condition or the model.

Scrap & salvage Audis

All Audi will purchase your old, broken or damaged Audi for spares and scrap or alternatively to repair if deemed commercially viable.

Please complete the enquiry form if you have an Audi to part with.

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Audi would like us to let all of our customers know that we are an independent company and are in no way associated with themselves.